About Performance Co-Pilot

Performance Co-Pilot is an open source organisation maintaining the source for pcp and other effecitve tools for system performance monitoring and analysis. pcp acts as a distributed and scalable framework providing wide range of services that may be used to monitor and manage system performance. People can also build their own programs using pcp APIs. More details about how pcp works can be found out on the official website.

Project Abstract: PCP versions of console tools

There are several widely used tools for monitoring system information. These tools do not consider the historical data and thus fail to analyze such information. Also these tools can only monitor local processes which restricts them from using on remote servers. pcp provides rich APIs to access historical information about local as well as remote processes. In this project we were able to implement pcp versions of popular linux system monitoring commands such as pidstat and mpstat. We have already started working to make htop work with pcp platform.

Mentors :

Work that got merged:

Link contains all the commits to the organisation repository.

Work Completed:

1. pcp-pidstat contains the source code for pcp version of pidstat command.
2. pcp-mpstat contains the source code for pcp version of mpstat command.

Work still going on:

Link contains the source code for implementation of pcp platform for htop.


A big shoutout to the mentors for their great efforts and help! :)