GSoC Project work - Week 5

June 27, 2016    gsoc pcp

This post summarizes the progress in the fifth week of the coding period. This week involved creating separate reporting classes for all of the pcp-pidstat options and adding respective tests for them. This week’s work taught some better practices code for testing.

Separating the Reporter classes

Earlier pcp-pidstat had only one reporting method which would check for the PidstatOptions and printed the suitable output to the stdout. This made testing of output to the different options difficult. So Ryan decided to add a separate Reporter Class for each of the options. This made the testing really simple.

Make print in Reporter classes generic

It does make sense if we can tell Reporter class to print the output to which end. It can be stdout or it can also be a file. This makes us to write the print method in the Reporter class to be generic. It takes a Printer class with builtin Print method which would do the job of printing.

After this work next task would be adding Man Pages(7) and integrating pcp-pidstat back into the pcp.

Meanwhile Ryan has been working on a critical issue that, -U option is having an unexpected behaviour. Argument to this option is optional and without argument pcp-pidstat should just display username field instead of userid. This is not the current case.

That’s all folks.

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