GSoC Project work - Week 10

August 1, 2016    gsoc pcp

This post summarizes the progress in the tenth week of the coding period. Last week most of the time was spent on matching the output of pcp-mpstat. This week pcp-mpstat is merged and is to be included in the next version of the pcp.

Added archive

Considering all the required metrics, I created an archive with 4 samples, tested unittests on it and added it to /qa/archives/. This archive would be used for implementing the regression tests.

Added regression tests

After the code being ready to be merged, I created a new test (number 883) under qa/ directory using ./new. Added test cases and generated the out file using ./remake.

pcp-mpstat merged

Although a few new challenges had to be faced (like handling machine dependant interrupt metrics), experience from pcp-pidstat has been a lot useful for writing this command.

With this, comes an achievement of the second goal for GSoC, we have been able to finish the pcp version of mpstat command in a short time. A big shoutout to the mentors and community for their time and guidance.

That’s all folks.

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