GSoC Community bonding - Week 3-4

May 23, 2016    gsoc pcp

GSoC and Exams.

This post summarises the progress in the third and fourth week of the community bonding period.
Third and fourth week of GSoC community bonding period were overlapped with my final year engineering exams. Being final exams I could not give much time for GSoC community bonding.

In the start of third week, I mailed my mentors about the short commitment that I had to give most of my time to. I must admit, I have been lucky to have mentors who are always active and supportive. They immediately replied to the mail and asked me to prepare well for exams and not to worry about GSoC for that period. Wow!

Community bonding is all about the establishment of understanding between mentors, students and the organisations. It is successful if mentors know their students well and vice versa. I think even though I did no actively participated in these weeks, the main motive of community bonding has been achieved.
At the end of community bonding I also received the first payment of $500. Thank you Google and PCP. :smiley:
That’s all folks.

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