GSoC Project work - Week 13

August 21, 2016    gsoc pcp

This post summarizes the progress in the thirteenth and the final week of the Google Summer of Code. Last week we were able to integrate pcp into htop. This week we worked on adding some features in the same code.

Last week I added a small code acting as a metric repository as we did in case pcp-pidstat and pcp-mpstat. But soon we realised this approach would not be suitable with given htop architecture.

htop Architecture

htop is implemented in a good way(object oriented features in C, yes you read it right! kudos to authors.) by making the core platform being generic and its functions are overriden by the underlying and machine dependend platform, in our case pcp. So we only needed to override the functions that are already there and return dummy or zero values to return the correct values. I used already present platforms like linux for the reference.

First step

First step as suggested by Ryan was to get the different ‘Meters’ like CPU meter, Memory and Swap meters working. This task was fairly easy and did not require much diving into the source of htop itself. I started writing code for each and every meter and at the end of the week we were able to get this output which includes uptime and load average values, and Memory, swap and CPU meter.

That’s all folks.

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